Knee Pain – Causes & Treatment

Knee pain and problems are common issues that can affect people of all ages, and finding the right doctor or surgeon to treat these issues is essential for effective treatment and recovery. In Kolkata, there are many highly qualified orthopedic doctors and surgeons, but one name that stands out is Dr. Arijit Ghosh, a top orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata.

Dr. Arijit Ghosh is a highly experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon with extensive training in knee surgery, including joint replacement and arthroscopy. He is widely regarded as one of the best orthopedic doctors in Kolkata, and his expertise in knee surgery has earned him a reputation as a top knee surgeon in the city.

One of the most common knee problems that Dr. Ghosh treats is osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition that can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the knee. In cases where conservative treatments such as physical therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes are ineffective, Dr. Ghosh may recommend knee replacement surgery. He uses the latest techniques and technology to perform minimally invasive knee replacement surgery, which can help reduce pain, shorten recovery time, and improve outcomes for patients.

Dr. Ghosh also has extensive experience in performing arthroscopic knee surgery, a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to diagnose and treat a wide range of knee problems. This technique involves making small incisions in the knee and using a tiny camera and specialized instruments to view and treat the inside of the joint. It is often used to repair meniscus tears, remove loose bodies or damaged tissue, and treat other knee problems.

In addition to his expertise in knee surgery, Dr. Arijit Ghosh is known for his patient-centered approach to care. He takes the time to listen to his patients’ concerns and works with them to develop personalized treatment plans that meet their individual needs and goals.

If you are experiencing knee pain or problems and are looking for the best orthopedic doctor or top orthopedic surgeon in Kolkata, Dr. Arijit Ghosh is an excellent choice. With his expertise, experience, and patient-centered approach, he can help you find relief from your knee pain and get back to the activities you enjoy.